The Story of my Blog Title

Quilt of Dragonflies- My blog is named that for a reason.I am lucky enough to own a genuine Quilt of Dragonflies, which I am sure brings me good dreams when I sleep beneath it. It was given to me by a friend of my mother's, who handmade the entire thing. Color meets pattern in this fantastic piece of artwork which sits on my bed. Brilliant shades of purple, blue, and green intersperse with tie dye dragonflies. I will not hesitate to call it my inspiration.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Only an Afternoon

Crowding around me
Elated, bouncing with joy
And hugs. So many hugs my arms grew weak
The self confidence boosted
Hey, people miss me. They wish I was there. They really do care.
Last year I up and left
Knowing they would all continue their lives without a care
Would they even notice I was gone?
Thoughts confirmed today. With smiles and laughter
We were reunited and happy
Are you back for good? Will you stay with us?
I apologize but stay firm
A good decision. A wonderful decision
We had fun. It was an era, an age
The age of Claire being there.
They go on every day. Mostly oblivious that I am gone, which suits me
Seeing them all is great,  a joy
People I don't know say they miss me
Teachers laugh and joke about my absence
Good times remembered
If only for an afternoon

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