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Quilt of Dragonflies- My blog is named that for a reason.I am lucky enough to own a genuine Quilt of Dragonflies, which I am sure brings me good dreams when I sleep beneath it. It was given to me by a friend of my mother's, who handmade the entire thing. Color meets pattern in this fantastic piece of artwork which sits on my bed. Brilliant shades of purple, blue, and green intersperse with tie dye dragonflies. I will not hesitate to call it my inspiration.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Purple and orange

Here are two poems wrote on a whim about the star-crossed colors of purple and orange, plagued by the fact that they cannot rhyme perfectly with anything.

purple skies at night
poet’s delight
orange skies in the morning
poet’s quiver and give warning

for these two colors we hold dear
should actually induce fear
to the heart of writers all
beware orange-it means sqaull!

the rhyming pattern battens down
the hatches and shutters of the town
for orange and purple have no rhyme
just a tropical feel and hint of lime

but not enough
the poet screams
purple and orange?
in your dreams!

door hinges consort with the mysterious nurple
but how will we find a real rhyme to purple?

Second poem:

abstract colors with
no relations
left adrift in the inky world of poetry
orphans of print
the live in the foster homes
of “nurple” and “door hinge”
in hopes of fitting in
they are the dawn
breaking on the horizon
achinly beautiful
silently alone
grasped by artists in painted fury
splattered across canvases
on smocks and fruits and crayola crayons
yet still shunned
by the world of words
these poor abandoned colors
left to fend for themselves
these are


  1. These were both fantastic! I think the first one is my favorite. Hard to choose. I love the idea that both poems came from. I've never thought of the rhyming issues associated with purple and orange :) Awesome!

  2. Thank you. Yes, I thought it was very interesting. I got the idea after going to a poetry reading last night. My friend and I had the idea that we could both write poems about purple and orange, then compare. You can read her poem at

    She is another WoWer...



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