The Story of my Blog Title

Quilt of Dragonflies- My blog is named that for a reason.I am lucky enough to own a genuine Quilt of Dragonflies, which I am sure brings me good dreams when I sleep beneath it. It was given to me by a friend of my mother's, who handmade the entire thing. Color meets pattern in this fantastic piece of artwork which sits on my bed. Brilliant shades of purple, blue, and green intersperse with tie dye dragonflies. I will not hesitate to call it my inspiration.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Sentence Fiction: Delectable

Alice St. Jemming sat at the cafe table, leaning towards the plate of cookies which was grinning elfishly up at her. The bottle of sparkling water sat nonchalantly beside her elbow, as if it was whispering to her, "You are in Paris, city of light, so enjoy yourself." Eat me, beckoned the cookies, as the glass clinked against the plate. Drink me, sang the fizzy water, staring at her perfectly manicured fingernails and the phone which sat beside them, deliberately turned off. Alice was in a wonderland, life was perfect, and from now on she would choose her own adventure.

Well, there you go, my story for this week. The word was delectable, and I had five sentences to come up with something. Hope you enjoy!



  1. I love the light airy optimism in this piece!! My cookies talk to me, too :)

  2. I really love the line "Alice was in wonderland." It gave it a great sense of this fantasy perfect world.

  3. Very nice. I just linked up my 5 sentence fiction piece, it is about Paris too.... Spring time must make us all think of being overseas!

    I love the mystery and excitement you have created. Why was her phone off? Why was she alone? Why was she in Paris? I love that you leave me wanting answers.

  4. It's like a Parisian olive affair with the cookies and the water! Lovely!


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