The Story of my Blog Title

Quilt of Dragonflies- My blog is named that for a reason.I am lucky enough to own a genuine Quilt of Dragonflies, which I am sure brings me good dreams when I sleep beneath it. It was given to me by a friend of my mother's, who handmade the entire thing. Color meets pattern in this fantastic piece of artwork which sits on my bed. Brilliant shades of purple, blue, and green intersperse with tie dye dragonflies. I will not hesitate to call it my inspiration.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Somebody Said

Somebody said to
Write every poem
As if
It is your last poem on
This earth
Scrape your fingernails
Into your poem, tear and rip and claw at it
Make it bleed
Hurl your idea
Against a wall just to
Make sure it stays together
Make is cringe
Cower in a  corner
Nursing wounds yet
Somehow still breathing
Then, slowly walk up to
Your poem
Ease your way into its field of vision
And reach out
To stroke it
Under your breath speak
Kind words to it
Nurture it
For it has proved its worthwhile

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